Welcome to the Institute of Artificial Gravity's Fundraising Site


       The concept for the Institute of Artificial Gravity was originally conceived in the mind of Andre Vanyi-Robin, during the year 1988, when he was 17 years old.  Recognizing that in the near future we would be traveling into space as a society, Andre realized we would need a way to mimic the earth atmosphere effects on the body.  Having discussed this proposition with a friend from his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, Jonathan Loewy, the two realized they could make this idea into a reality.  The Institute of Artificial Gravity was founded to develop technologies that will simulate the effects of gravity for the health and habitation of humanity in Space. The founders created a project that will advance humanity´s ability to live and operate in Space, by providing technologies that can be used by governmental space agencies and aerospace companies.

The site will remain open until Sunday, February 18th.

Expected shipping of orders will begin the Week of March 10th.

***Please place orders within the timeframe. We will be unable to accept late orders due to strict production timelines.***

Please help us turn our project into reality by providing a contribution of at least $60.00. For that, you will receive one (1) free Artificial Gravity Website T-shirt of your choosing, and become an official founding member of our Institute.

For media and investment inquiries, please contact the Institute by email at info@artificialgravity.tech

Please note this website is under construction